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How to Harness Relationships with Top Agents in Other Cities to Best Serve Your Existing Clients and Earn New Business

Today I’m talking with Kevin Sneddon with Compass in Manhattan and Greenwich and Founder of the Private Client Team at Compass. In his fifteen years in the business, Kevin has closed over $750 million in transactions including record breaking deals upwards of $38 million. Among Kevin’s accolades, he is ranked by the Wall Street Journal as one of the top 250 brokers in the United States. As many luxury agents, most of Kevin’s clients own homes in other parts of the country. Joining Compass, Kevin has harnessed relationships with top agents in other cities to best serve his existing clients and earn new business. Today, we talk about how he does it.

• Kevin shares how he got into the real estate brokerage arena. (4:11)

• The shift from development/builder to real estate agent. (6:41)

• When the “view of real estate” changed. (12:50)

• Why Kevin rebranded his business. (14:44)

• Why Kevin knew he needed to team up with Compass (23:00)

• Servicing a client in multiple markets. (26:20)

• The similarities and differences of real estate and corporate. (37:42)

• Kevin shares one of his greatest successes. (39:49)

• Kevin shares his favorite tools (46:10)

• Kevin and Jere talk about their favorite books (49:37)

• Kevin shares his key takeaway. (53:11)

Resources / People Mentioned

Robert Reffkin

Erin Krueger

Josh Dotoli

Gary Vaynerchuk

• Network

Compass Collections

Compass Concierge

Property Shark

Books Mentioned

John Grisham novels

David and Goliath by Malcom Gladwell

Take Away

“Get the best broker that you can. Put in the work. Specialize in what will differentiate you.”

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